Everything I Do Revolves Around Music
— DJ CHillz

Motivated by her relentless and unstoppable passion for music. DJ Chillz, is a born perfectionist, pushing to bring
her blend of Afrobeats and Hip Hop music to the scene. Constantly on the move, either with the mixes she
creates in her studio or enroute to the next club or festival show.


For more than 5 years DJ Chillz has been living to the rhythm of her self-made success. This can be seen by her
creativity in the studio, her determination in which she host her weekly radio show ‘Music Without A Pause’, and
the energy that she brings to the crowds. Regardless of the heavy pressure that comes along with being a female
DJ in a predominately male industry, DJ Chillz passion for music has always been her main focus and that has
been her driving force.